There are bad times/but that's ok

Just look for love in it/don't burn the day away

17 July 1980
I'm 29. I'm a guidance counselor. I married the best guy ever. We have two doggies. I like reading, cooking, dogs, and music. I don't like olives or assholes.

"The answers are getting harder and harder.
And there ain't no way to bargain or to barter.
But if you've got the angst or you got the ardor
you might faint from the fight but you're gonna find it.
And every challenge could have paradise behind it.
If you except what you have lost and you stand tall
You might just get it back and you can get it all.
So now you know why its a long way to fall.
Yeah, cause it's a long way to fall."

-Blues Traveler, Stand